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  • How does Origin work?

    From the moment you join Origin, we’ll curate personalized travel experiences for you. We do this by getting to know you – how you like to travel, the kind of adventures you love and what you need from your experiences. We use this, along with our smart AI and our exceptional travel curators to design vacations that are totally unique.

  • How do I join Origin?

    When you download the app and request an invite, you’ll be added to our waiting list. When we’re ready, we’ll email you an invitation so you can schedule a travel session with one of our curators. We’ll use this chat to get to know you better, and find out the kinds of trips you love to take.

    Tech first, human-powered.

  • How long does it take to plan a trip?

    You’ll usually get a fully personalized itinerary within a week. Once you’ve given us an idea of the kind of trip you’re after, we’ll get straight on it. We’ll share a few ideas with you, then sort out the full itinerary including travel, accommodation and activities. When you’re ready, just let us know the app that you’re ready to book and we’ll get it done. The only thing you have to do is pack your bags.

  • What kinds of trips does Origin specialize in?

    We specialize in curated trips, so whatever you want – we can make it happen. We create personalized travel experiences that match who you are, your travel style, and your taste. From solo adventures to trips with friends or family. It can be adventurous, challenging and sporty, or with a focus on wellness and pampering. Even just an escape to relax and tune out. Whatever you need.

  • Is traveling an option right now with COVID19?

    Obviously it is more complicated right now, but there are some countries that are still welcoming guests. Airlines, airports and accommodation all have safety protocols in place, so it is possible for those who are looking to travel right now to book trips. For those who want to wait, the situation is always changing, and our experts are here to help you to navigate traveling again once you’re ready.

  • I have another question

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  • Where can I travel to?

    As you might expect, this is something that’s changing regularly. Our curators are in-the-know about all the latest COVID-19 policies, and can advise you on which destinations are open for visitors with your passport and country of residence. We will always verify the information once you make your travel plans, and explain the steps you will need to take when you come home as well.

  • How are different countries handling COVID-19?

    Every country has its own rules and regulations. Our local experts can advise you on how this might affect your stay, such as whether beaches are open or if there’s a curfew in place, and if restaurants and bars are open or if they’re only doing outdoor dining or take-out.

  • I have some travel ideas but am afraid to travel with COVID-19. What can I do?

    You can explore your options with Origin’s curators. They can advise you on safe destinations, and can curate a trip that you can cancel or postpone, and receive a 100% refund within 60 days of departure.

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