Our responsibilities — Origin - Travel, your way.
Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities

Origin’s mission is to create a positive impact through travel. For travelers, local communities, their environments, and their wildlife.

What we do:

1. Provide our members with more meaningful, sustainable ways to explore the world. We prioritize working with providers that do the following things:

  • Invest in their local community and natural habitat through conservation projects
  • Invest in their staff, make an effort to use organic produce and focus on reducing waste

2. Offset the carbon emissions of our travelers for each trip.


Origin offsets the fuel members use during their trip, plus an extra 10% to make your trip a carbon-negative experience. Currently, we partner with myclimate.org, donating to effective climate protection locally and globally. We also support Gold Standard Climate+ Projects from the Gold Standard Foundation.
For any payment we receive and make through our partner Stripe, 1% is donated towards projects that remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

3. Contribute to the offsetting of the entire carbon footprint of Origin’s business activities.


We promote sustainable practices in the lives of our employees, but we know this isn’t enough. To make sure we reach our goal of becoming carbon-negative, we’re in the process of mapping out all the carbon emissions Origin is responsible for. This includes our company, our employees across the world, and our members who journey to destinations globally. This is a long-term goal, and once we have mapped it out fully we’ll also need to keep measuring our impact to make sure that we always offset according.

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